Safety Equipment

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Occupants in any type of building or on any type of structure need to be able to find their way out safely in an emergency, and for this purpose fire safety signs are essential.

Australian OH & S regulations state that all signs must be made clearly visible where there is a health risk. Safety signs are used as an aid to communicate potential hazards, communicate the need for protective equipment, communicate the location of safety equipment and facilities and to give guidance and instructions.

If used and placed correctly, signs are a cost effective method of reducing the risk of a range of hazards, which are present in all types of commercial premises.


Inside-View.jpgMidwest Fire stock a range of safety clothing.
Australian OH & S requirements specify that high visibility apparel must be worn by people who work in a hazardous environment. There are many variables depending on the work environment to make these garments OH & S compliant, including being day and night use compliant or the size of reflective tape on the garment.

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